Friday, November 7, 2008

~ Happy 32nd Birthday Chris !! ~

My soon to be brother in law, John, works at ebay (YAY ebay!!) Just as a side note I think I still have about six bins in the garage that are full to the max with yarn I bought on Ebay. I love buying stuff on there!! I buy all my shoes there too. Hey, where else can you find size 4 platform boots??
So, one of John's coworkers, Kathy, emailed me and asked for a sushi cake for her husband's birthday. She's so nice! And she has a very cute and friendly dog Patrick.
I can't ever duplicate any of my cakes, for one I'd be spending too much time worrying about it not looking identical, and also, I really like to "one up" my creations, especially when I'm doing something similar to what I've done before.
So, this said, I decided to forget about the boring old dish that the other sushi cake had, and go for the gusto, and make a sushi boat! It seems more "manly" anyway, a big honkin boat, ya know what I mean?
The cake is a banana cake, and the filling is a banana swiss meringue buttercream. kids are now licking the bowl of leftover frosting. I guess it's one of the perks they have.
The base is a large brownie for any non-banana lovers. Oh, and the sushi are rice krispies covered in fondant, and the sushi rolls are cake too. You can barely see that one of the chopsticks says Happy 32nd Birthday Chris on it.

Anyway Happy Birthday Chris!! Hope you have a great party, and I hope you enjoy your cake!

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