Sunday, October 19, 2008

~ Leemo (Nemo) Cake ~

I made this cake for our friend Chase, for his fifth birthday. He is the sweetest little guy! He calls it the "Leemo cake" ~ so cute! I even got two hugs from him for this cake! Amazing to me, since my own son won't hug me unless I bribe him with m&ms.
I used two new techniques on this cake. One, I carved the shell of the sea turtle before I iced and fondanted it. I saw it done on the food network cake challenge.
The other technique I also saw on another food network challenge, using fondant over rice krispies and sculpting it. This one I saw on the Dr. Seuss challenge. It was much easier than I anticipated, and the fishies turned out better than I expected. I was very proud of this cake! And, my daughter even made the starfish and covered it with fondant and painted it herself! I am so proud of my new apprentice!
Even though it took me 12 hours to make, it was so worth it for the hugs and appreciation from Chase!

~ Happy Birthday Chase !! ~

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