Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flipping Dolphins end of year cake

So, yesterday was the end of the year school picnic, and I made a cake for each of my kids' classes. Thank goodness I only have two kids! Otherwise I would have had to write off the three hours of sleep I got that night. It was also my birthday. Yes I'm a little bit crazy.
My son is finishing up his kindergarten year, so the design of the cake was very tied to my emotions. On the bottom is a play on that book "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten" (the class is in Room 1) which, if you read the book, it is so true. The teacher, Elizabeth (who also earned the teacher of the year award) is such an amazing person, she is the perfect teacher to set a strong foundation for the kids' educational experience. I mean, they love the hell out of learning, reading, singing, dancing, exploring, etc. Never in my life have I seen so many kids LOVE to learn and have fun doing it. Need I say more? Elizabeth rocks!!
The middle tier is a recreation of the tadpole tank they were watching. Even though the tadpoles actually became frogs, I painted them on the cake as tadpoles still, because even though our kids are done with kindergarten, a little piece of their "babyhood" is staying behind in room 1. They will always look back and remember their first day of school EVER, and their first teacher EVER. And even though they will become frogs one day, they will always be Elizabeth's babies, her tadpoles.
The top tier, the sun, has the words to the song she plays every morning when cuddle time is over and it's time for mommies and daddies to say goodbye until the afternoon. I chose to put this one on the top because the picnic was our final goodbye to the amazing year. Every time I hear that song I have to stop myself from crying, because I'm not ready for kindergarten to end. I'm not ready for my son to become a first grader, to leave the security of Elizabeth's class.
This year was such a huge year for my son, and for me, as a parent. It took a few months for my son to get used to having so many kids around him, and to grow socially. But as a parent, this was the first time I had to "let go" and let him figure things out by himself. I didn't get it in the beginning, but now I get it. They need to do things on their own, to empower themselves.
Thank you for an amazing awesome year, Elizabeth!!! We will always remember your class, we will always be the Flipping Dolphins!

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